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E68 True Wireless Earbuds,Wireless earphone,Bluetooth Headphones,China Factory,Supplier,Price

E68 True Wireless Earbuds,Wireless earphone,Bluetooth Headphones,China Factory,Supplier,Price
Product Name: E68 wireless gaming earbuds
Support: L2CAP/A2DP1.2(AVCTP1.3/A VDTP1.2/AVRCP1.3)
Charging port: Type c
Earphone battery: 30mAH
Charging case battery: 300mAH
Size: 52*48.5*25 mm
Weight: 33 g
Retail package size: 10*10*3.4 cm
Standby time: about 150 hours
Play time: about 4.5 hours
Charging time: about 1 hour
Normal call distance: about 10 meters
Music distance: about 15 meters
Max communication distance: about 20 meters
Feature: stereo sound, LED digital screen, touch control, automatic connection, colorful breath light effect
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