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GT105 Smart Bracelet,Smart Band,Smart Wristband,Fitness Tracker,China Factory,Manufacturer,Supplier

GT105 Smart Bracelet,Smart Band,Smart Wristband,Fitness Tracker,China Factory,Manufacturer,Supplier
Product Name: GT105 Smart Bracelet
Bluetooth Version: 4.0 or above
Compatible OS: Android 4.4 or above, iOS 8.4 or above
Operating Mode : Full Touch Screen
Charging Type: Magnetic charging
Charging Time: About 2.5 hours
Using time: About 6 days
Battery Capacity: 155 mAh
Weight:51.2 g
Dial Size: about 42*42*9.8 mm
Band Size: about 260*20*2.3 mm
Sensor Screen Size: 1.22 inch
Type: IPS Resolution: 208*240 pixels
Certificate: CE
Main Functions: Waterproof IP68 Waterproof; Heart Rate Monitor; Blood Pressure Monitor; Blood Oxygen
Monitor; Step Count; Multi-sport Modes; Music control; Camera remote control; Call or Message Reminder; Call ID Display; Reject Call; Alert Type Vibration; Auto Light-up Screen; Stopwatch; Sedentary reminder; Weather display; Fun and stylish gameplay,waiting to be discovered by yourself.
Watch Language: Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portugal, Greece, Netherlands, Poland
App Language: Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Hebrew, German, Italian, Japanese,French, polish, Thai
Package contains: 1*Smart Bracelet; 1*Charging Cable; 1*User Manual
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