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K60 Smart Bracelet

2021 New K60 smart watch sport mode heart rate Blood Pressure monitor smart bracelet band K60 smartwatch

Firmware spec Software spec
Type Details Description Type Details Description
Watch case size 44mm*44mm*13mm Compatiblity phone version IOS8.0 and Android 4.4 above
band width 21.2mm
weight 56g Language Watch Language support multilingual
Material TP Full touch APP languages support multilingual
front case Zinc Alloy
back cover Plastic Functions steps Support
Strap Silica gel distance Support
Main board CPU MTK2502 calories Support
HR Sensor HRS3301 heart rate Support
Pedometer Sensor SC7A20 Stop watch Support
FLASH 32MB Blood Pressure Support
Screen Touch Type support Blood Oxygen Support
BT version 4.2 History message Support
BT name K60 SMS reminder Support
Vibration Mator Sedentory reminder Support
Display Size LCD/1.4″ Alarm Support
Resolution 240*240 Sleep monitoring Support
Screen IPS high degital Find phone Support
Battery Material Lithium Find Band Support
Capacity 200mAh OTA not support
Stand by time 1 week Homepage picture changeable
Using time 2-3 days Rise to lighten screen Support
Charging type Magnetic charging cable Sports mode Support
Waterproof IP65