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T5 True Wireless Stereo Earphone,Wireless earbuds,Bluetooth Headphones,China Factory,Supplier,Price

T5 True Wireless Stereo Earphone,Wireless earbuds,Bluetooth Headphones,China Factory,Supplier,Price
Product Name: T5 true wireless stereo earphone
Net Weight: 40g
Color: Black, White, Pink, Green
Material: ABS Plastic, Metallic High End Coating
Profiles Supported: HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
Audio: AAC, mSBC, SBC and CVSD audio coding and decoding
Working Distance:10 Meters
Battery: 50mAh x 2
Charging box: 400mAh
Speaker Dimension: 8 mm
Playing Time: up to 5-7 hours
Charging Time: about 1 hour
Earbuds Size: 24.7 * 15.8 * 24.2 mm
Charging box size: 57.5* 57.5 * 27.5 mm
Charging Case: 3 times/30 hours
Accessory: 2 x earbuds; 1 x manual; 1 x type c charging cable; 1 x Charging box
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